Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?

A: Our shipping times may vary. We are a very small team of just two people handling every single operation.


Standard Shipping: ~ 8 - 12 weeks

Rush Shipping: ~ 5 - 7 weeks

WRAP VINYL: 2 weeks or less

OTHER MERCH: Up to 8 weeks

If you’re an international customer, you can expect another 1-3 weeks during the time the shipping carrier is handling your package.



Q: What are the Preset Livery Install Difficulty ratings and what do they mean?

We added this to help our customers gauge the difficulty of the install on the livery they're considering for their vehicle. Here's what they mean:

EASY 🟢: This would be considered a good livery for a beginner to install. The majority of the livery is smaller pieces that don't intertwine with each other so it doesn't really require the pieces to be laid in a perfect position. 

INTERMEDIATE 🟡: This would be a better livery for someone who has some vinyl experience to install. Some of the pieces are larger and require a more precise location so all of the pieces flow together well on the vehicle.

ADVANCED 🔴: This would be best for someone with extensive experience to install. It is important for all of the pieces to be placed precisely and accurately so the design doesn't overlap or have any errors.

These ratings are just a recommendation for our customers and any one is free to order whichever livery they'd like for their vehicle. If you have anymore questions about install, you can contact us.

 Q: What vinyl are the liveries made from?

A: All gloss, matte & reflective vinyl are an Oracal calendar film. The chrome & glitter vinyls are Schein Holographics calender film. If you would like to use a wrap film for your livery, please email overmodifycs@gmail.com before ordering.

Q: Can I request a refund?

A: ALL SALES ARE FINAL and are non-refundable. (When you purchase from our store, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service that are in place.)

If your item has a defect, has been lost in transit, or damaged, please contact us for a replacement. If the item (sticker, livery, etc.) was damaged due to incorrect install, we can not replace for free.

Our no refund policy on our liveries is strictly enforced. We may offer a redesign, and/or color change. ONLY APPLICABLE IF THE LIVERY HAS NOT YET BEEN PRODUCED.


Q: How should I wash my car with a livery applied?

A: We recommend to hand wash and be extra careful around tips/ edges of the livery. DO NOT use a pressure washer as this could result in premature lifting. 


Q: Will I be able to update my shipping address?

A: Yes! Please email us at overmodify.cs@gmail.com with your name and order number with the new shipping address so we can update it for you and make sure it gets to you with no issues.


 Q: Can I change my livery after it has been paid for/ordered?

A: Yes, but depending on the change, it may be subject to an extra charge. This includes adding logos, 3rd color, etc.


Q: Do you accept sponsorships?

A: Not currently. This may change in the future.


Q: Are the liveries cut for both sides of the vehicle?

A: Yes.