Unfortunately many country's postal services can't handle the worldwide pandemic as well as the United States Postal Service. Until further notice, USPS isn't accepting inbound mail or packages addressed to the following countries:


Countries not accepting packages from USPS:

  1. Australia

  2. Afghanistan

  3. Bhutan

  4. Brunei

  5. Cuba

  6. French Guiana

  7. Guadeloupe

  8. Lao People's Democratic Republic

  9. Libya

  10. Martinique

  11. Mongolia

  12. New Zealand (Priority Mail Express International packages are still accepted)

  13. Papua New Guinea

  14. Reunion

  15. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  16. Samoa

  17. South Sudan

  18. Syria

  19. Tajikistan

  20. Timor-Leste

  21. Turkmenistan

  22. Yemen

What happens if I already shipped a package to one of these countries?

Until these countries begin accepting shipments again, if USPS packages are shipped to these destinations they will be returned to sender.